Friday, March 25, 2011

WordPress vs. Blogger

I started this blog to learn about Blogger. After a few years of writing for other websites I decided to jump in and do my own thing. Having no idea where to begin, I started a blog with WordPress and a blog with Blogger (Blogspot). After fumbling and bumbling around, I've organized the WP blog to my satisfaction, kind of. Nothing is ever completely finished, so I'll keep tweeking it relentlessly.

Anyway, a friend wants me to help me set up a blog for her. Laughable since I am such a newbie, I know. Still, I can't say no. Before I could recommend a blogging platform to her, I wanted to play around with Blogger more. I'd spent the bulk of my time learning WP so I turned my full attention to Blogger.

So far, I can see pros and cons to each - WordPress and Blogger. I'll keep pushing forward until I feel like I can make a solid recommendation. So, this is my first real post to Blogger.

If you want to follow this wildly exciting journey (ha) then either subscribe or check back. I'll continue to write about my findings as I learn more.

AND, if you have any advice or comments about blogging platforms, fire away. I've read everything I could find on the internet about the subject and there is no clear answer. I get that. It's all about personal preference. So this is me publicly determining which blogging platform I prefer.

See, told you this would be wildly interesting. Let the madness begin.


  1. I love the colors on your blogger blog. You seem to have a good grasp of the features and their benefits so I'll just follow along and see what you come up with!

  2. I have heard people say that they think Blogger is easier to use, and I haven't really seen much difference between the two. Either way you have to learn how to configure the layout of your blog, to pick a template, and beyond that learn how to write an article, insert images, videos etc.

    The one thing that is common to both is that they are FREE blogs, so what you can do is limited, and they can also close your blog and delete it at their whim.

    This happened to my Wordpress blog several months ago, and I still have not heard back from Wordpress despite having written to them 3 times. I lost about 300 articles, and have no idea why they deleted it.

    One option with Wordpress if you want to do beyond the free blogs though is that you can register your own domain, and host your own blog, using the same Wordpress software.

    Seeing as you are hosting the blog, you have access to thousands of plug-ins, and there are countless posibilities as to what you can then do with your blog.

    If you are looking to blog in a big way, I definitely recommend hosting your own, which costs less than $10 a month.

  3. So far I favor Blogger for ease-of-use and the ability to monitize but I like the aesthetics of WordPress better. I'm considering taking Poddys's good advice (see above) and upgrading my WP blog. I'll blog more about that once I take the step. For now, the A-Z Blogging Challenge has me pushed to the limits.

  4. I use blogger, but have been thinking about making a duplicate versionfor Word Press. I find Blogger easy to use and I'm also forever tweeking it, but I love making can br so much more creative w/a blog than a writing site. Nice blog post buddy! Retweeting!


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