Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J is for Just Write Something

Today has been a busy day in town as it officially marks the 150-year anniversary of the American Civil War. We live in Charleston, S.C., where the first shots were fired (Fort Sumter) so we had to get out into the fracas. Keeping up my morning ritual of writing A-Z Blogging Challenge posts took a back seat on my daily schedule, so I find myself trying to quickly bang out a J post.

Since I’m blogging by the seat of my pants (no plan, randomly choosing a topic when I sit down to write) I have no J word ready. Nope, no nuggets of gold, no pearls of wisdom here today. Just a girl sitting at a desk writing a blog post about nothing. (Hey, it worked for Seinfeld.)

So I'll...
Just write.
Just write something. 

I’ll refer you to my I post from yesterday about where ideas come from. I'm directing you there because today, this random post, is a demonstration of what I was trying to communicate yesterday. 

As I said, when faced with lack of ideas/writers block/no motivation/a missing muse, I free write. So welcome to the inside of my head. This is me free writing.  

Just writing.


  1. I've done the entire A to Z Challenge by the seat of my pants lol. But, I am actually happy with the results. I think I may actually think less when it comes to blogging because I like the results. And, it also results in my blogs actually being updated regularly! Excellent post!

  2. Free writing rocks! :)

  3. I think it works fine. It's probably the best advice you could dish out to us aspiring writers. Just write.

  4. hehehe! This is about where I'm at today, too: JUST WRITE SOMETHING!

  5. I've been doing most of my posts off the cuff too, not easy to do with four blogs!

    I'm guilty of a few 'just put something out there already' posts, though.

  6. Just joyful! I'm jealous that you can come up with something like that in such short notice. I had to come up with all of my A-Z topics before I would even commit to this challenge ;) No way could I have agreed to do this one day at a time. Please find my A-Z Challenge here: http://myheartblogstoyou.blogspot.com/

  7. I helped my daughter study for a big test ont he Civil War last week - it was a great refresher for me. What a sad, long war that was.

    Free writes are like panning for gold - you'll find a fleck of precious metal sooner or later. :)


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