Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for Rain

It rained so hard the entire day
My blogging was on rain delay

Hail smacked against the window panes
Then lightening came, and still more rain

The storm, it raged. The winds blew hard
Big puddles formed in my front yard

Loud thunder claps boomed loud, they roared
I stayed away from my keyboard

Now rains have passed and all is clear
A post with R is due my dear

I'll blog about the rain, why not
A poem will fill up the R-spot

It might not be a prize, it's true
But still it's done and I say whew!


  1. I think your poem is a prize. I like when poems rhyme, and you did that! I hope the storms are gone by now and that you and everyone are safe.

  2. Rain rocks...and your poem rocks, too. :O)

    My A-Z Blogging “R” post is right here:

  3. AWESOME poem! I'd stay away from the computer too!

  4. Your poem describes some of my evenings this week quite well. I love it. :) Glad the rain has stopped for now!

  5. Cool poem!

    Within the last week, my metro area has seen snow, rain, and hail. I think there was also some sleet at one point, and I know there was some extremely bright sunshine when the clouds weren't doing their jobs. :-)

  6. Nicely accomplished!! Good job.

  7. Love this poem! I love rain, but it certainly makes it hard for me to write cause I'd rather sleep ;)


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