Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V Words for Scrabble and Words With Friends Players

Nothing passes time better than a good game of Scrabble. Growing up, we often played board games at the kitchen table. Scrabble was one of our favorites and it instilled a love of words in me, my brother and my sis. Now that good Scrabble games are available online, you can waste more time entertain yourself for hours.

For the A-Z Blogging Challenge I'm providing a list of high scoring V words for you Scrabble players (from scrabblelookup.com). Good luck!

     Word                                          Letters                 Points

ventriloquizing 15 37
ventriloquized 14 36
ventriloquizes 14 35
ventriloquize 13 34
vasectomizing 13 30
ventriloquially 15 30
victimizations 14 30
vanquishable 12 29
vascularization 15 29
vasectomized 12 29
ventriloquistic 15 29
victimization 13 29
vasectomizes 12 28
ventriloquisms 14 28
verbalizations 14 28
victimizing 11 28
vizcachas 9 28
vizierships 11 28
vulcanizations 14 28
vandalizations 14 27
vanquishing 11 27
vaporizable 11 27
vaporizations 13 27
vasectomize 11 27
ventriloquism 13 27
verbalization 13 27
vexillological 14 27
victimized 10 27
victimizers 11 27
vizcacha 8 27
viziership 10 27
vocalizations 13 27
volatilizable 13 27
volatilizations 15 27
vouchsafements 14 27
vulcanization 13 27
vulgarizations 14 27


  1. Holy crap V words! I loved Scrabble when I was younger and now I'm wondering why don't I have that game tucked away just in case?

  2. When my hubby and I first got together we played it often, even in front of the TV. I need a new game - we lost some of the pieces during our home remodel. I like Vi and Vo too, particularly as it seems I get stuck with the Vs at the end of the game.

  3. Wow! Those are some pretty impressive words. I haven't played Scrabble in ages. Makes me want to check out an on-line game.

  4. Very good list! I'm impressed! I used to love Scrabble when I was a girl, and in the early days when I met my hubby.

    My boys have got toooo lazy with their computer games and not using the right side of their brains!

  5. I love Scrabble, but nobody will play it with me. I haven't checked out the online version because I fear I'd play all day (I already have a wee bit of a Zuma Blitz thing).

    I’m A-Z Blogging, and my “V” post is right here.

  6. Vulcanization. I'll have to keep that one in my back pocket. :)

  7. I rather like "vasectomizes". :-X

    I play Lexulous on FB with Marie Anne and could definitely put a few of these to work (or I hope I can - she beats me regularly).

  8. I haven't played Scrabble in so long. I'm more of a Balderdash kind of girl where I can make up my own definitions, which is probably a better game for me considering that when I played Scrabble I pretty much made up my own words anyway, although I gave very good reasons as to why they should have been in the dictionary ;) I'm blogging here (among other places): http://myheartblogstoyou.blogspot.com/

  9. Thanks for V words, Langley :) I may have to bookmark this for Words with Friends...though I'm usually too impatient to search a word, lol :)

  10. Great words! I love Scrabble but never seem to be able to string more than four letters together at a time :-)

    Looks like you've been having fun with A to Z!

  11. I don't want to play Scrabble against you, lol.

  12. Love Scrabble and LOVE this post :)

  13. Now if I could get all those high point letters in my rack on Lexulous or Word Scraper, I'd be doing ok.

  14. I like vascularization, partly because my spell check marked it as wrong. What does vascularization mean, anyway?

  15. Finally - a list I could use to beat my husband at scrabble!

  16. Thanks to your list, I might actually win at Words with Friends (an app version of scrabble)!


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