Monday, May 9, 2011

The Yahoo! Contributor Network Article Writing Challenge

Crazy, right?! Yep, I signed up for another challenge. This is an article writing challenge on the Yahoo! Contributor Network, as opposed to the A-Z Blogging Challenge we just finished up. 
It's simple - write one article on YCN per week starting with the letter A. You can either publish the articles display only to ensure they publish in the proper week or submit them for upfront payment, which means they'll be reviewed and published when an editor gets to it.    
Even though I'm commitment phobic and avoid rules whenever possible, this article writing challenge appeals to me because it's a once-a-week deal (see how I used the word deal instead of commitment) and the rules are loose. Really, there are no rules, more like guidelines.
So I'm in, kind of. My A article is languishing in the queue. I'm waiting to see if it flies before I write B because I'm going to write on a theme. It's taking longer than usual to process, maybe because I rarely write on this subject so the editor doesn't know me. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, I'm a week behind on the challenge and we just started one week ago. 
What? Did you say you want to know what my never-before-written-about theme is? I'll let you know after editorial review.


  1. I wasn't willing to commit to this challenge, but I hope you have fun!

  2. Hi Langley - I hear you!!! I'm new to YCN and the biggest hangout is not having direct feedback or contact. Of course, Direct is a good way to go, but many writers have great content and it's a shame you have to bypass since their standard is <10day - yeah or neah.
    Keep your spirits up!!!

    Fred T

  3. You've won an award - check this out:
    The Versatile Blogger Award!

    Oh and btw: I love your new blog template! :-)

  4. You are a glutton for punishment, I'm still exhausted from the last challenge, although it felt good to post so regularly, you know sense of accomplishment or something like that. ;-)

  5. I'm doing the challenge too! I love that it is making me think outside of what I would normally write. Perhaps I will discover a new niche!

  6. I was going to do this and already forgot :(

  7. Gee Langley, no wonder I haven't been seeing you much. What a cool, sleek and professional looking blog. Been perusing through your post and I must say I am envious of how much you've grown. Just WOW!

    Elaine Chastain

  8. This sounds great, good luck with it!

  9. Love the new layout, Langley :) I didn't hear about the Y!CN challenge but I've been so bloggy lately that I haven't been over there too much...Good luck to you and will look forward to your theme :)

    Cheers :)

  10. Maybe I should jump in late to this challenge. I don't write enough on AC/Y since they dropped the featured contributor...being a former parenting featured contributor I HAD to be disciplined and now I got sloppy,lol.

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  12. I think joining challenges are a great way to hone your writing skills. kudos to you! and good luck on this one! I know the A-Z was crazy! (and also crazy fun)

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