Friday, February 1, 2013

Surviving the Storm: a Poem

The morning broke
I was alone
No friends around
My heart a stone

A storm approached
There was no breeze
The day was still
There were no trees

Dark clouds rolled in
A mist did fall
I closed the doors
No one to call

My little house
All safe and dry
Is strong like me
We do not cry

We’ve weathered storms
This house and I
We’ve seen worse gales
Pass us right by

We will survive
We always do
This house and I
We will get through

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  1. Sad, but inspirational. I had no idea you were a poet. I love that it rhymes. Poetry that doesn't rhyme isn't poetry to me.

  2. Loving the strength and the determination of little house and you. Really moving. Living this one a lot.

  3. Love the entwined strength of the house and the person., weathering everything together. Gorgeous.

  4. Thanks for commenting on my post. This is a great poem! Loved your take on making yourself and the house like one. Following you now :)

  5. AMEN..and..lets all visit her little house!!!!!!! hehe

  6. This was beautiful! You are an amazing poet.


  7. Wonderful poem, Langley.

  8. Wonderful words moving from negative to positive in your verse. Your inner strength is apparent in the house you have built.


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