Monday, October 17, 2011

An Acrostic Poem that Creates an Atmosphere

A damp heaviness hangs in the air,
The witching hour is near.
My eyes are tired from squinting into the darkness and
Owls are hooting, I think.
Scary sounds seem to be growing louder or
Perhaps it's my imagination running wild.
How did I get in this situation?
Even I don’t remember what prompted me to get in the car and
Ride with reckless abandon, aimlessly. Then suddenly...
Everything goes black.

Happy Halloween!

For another scary Halloween acrostic poem, check out Exploring Superstitions, in an Acrostic Poem.


This post was written for The Writers' Post group on Facebook. This week’s challenge is to create an atmosphere in your writing. I approached the challenge by trying to create an atmosphere within an acrostic poem.  If you want to connect with other bloggers and join the fun, go to The Writers' Post Facebook page and request to join the group. Everyone is welcome.



  1. Great job--awesome that you incorporated Halloween :)

  2. OMG, Langley! That's super creepy. You are so talented. I just love reading your work. Can't wait for the next piece!

  3. You did it. I love the fun calming atmosphere you created. Thanks

  4. Halloween tops my list of fun holidays.


  5. Wonderful poem!! Love it!! I have given you an award! Please stop by and pick it up!



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