Thursday, October 6, 2011

Am I Really a Writer?

Can you call yourself a writer if you’re not writing? I know writers who claim they must write every day, it’s like oxygen to them. I am not that person. I can go for long periods of time without writing anything. Even if I need to write for financial reasons - if it’s not happening it’s just not happening.

I am in this very slump right now. I’m distracted. Other things seem more pressing. I don’t feel like writing. I wouldn’t call it writers block because I have plenty of ideas.

If I could make myself sit down and put my fingers on the keyboard I’m sure the words would come.

Words don’t fail me. If anything, I fail them.

I wrote a silly poem about writer’s block last year, primarily to get over the hump. Here it is: Overcoming Writer's Block - a Poem. But even then, I questioned the difference between writer’s block and lack of motivation. Are they the same thing? Are they different?

To me, they are different.

I’m supposed to be writing about balance and I am. Are you following? If you’re reading between the lines you’ll gather that I have none. You are correct. I’m either in a writing frenzy or a writing drought. (Maybe writing slack-off would be a more precise description but I’m scared of the word slack-off).

My hope is that this forced post makes me climb back in the saddle. My pocketbook hopes so too.


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  1. I often get into a writing slump. I think it is normal. Forcing it sometimes helps me get back in the saddle, and sometimes it makes it worse. Stepping away and regrouping is good. Great post, that really addresses a common problem among writers. Do I feel you are a writer? Sure. I think I am one too on most given days. We choose to write, when others don't. Sounds like you just need a break to get the motivation back. :D When you are ready, you will sit down and write a mile a minute. Great post.


  2. I think we all go through slumps like this. As Kathy says, sometimes forcing yourself back does the trick, other times it can make it worse. Plenty of people can give you advice, but in the end you have to find what works for you.

  3. I can definitely understand what you're saying about balance.

    For me, it's a matter of priorities (and balance). Even if I were writing for a living, I wouldn't let it consume all my time. If I did, that would mean I was neglecting other things in my life. I'm not saying that's the case for anyone else, but it definitely would be for me.

    I do sometimes write in my head. Occasionally, those sentences or paragraphs actually make it to an article or story.

  4. For me Langley, I need to write almost if not every day. But, I have taken weeks off for one reason or another in the past. It doesn't matter really, you are a writer if you 'write' and you most definitely write. The frequency, well isn't that determined by each of our needs on any given day?
    If I have a book in the works, I need to write daily. I need the discipline of building my story. No book in progress, my choice. I often choose to write anyway.
    Thought provoking post and well done.

  5. Sometimes we do need to take time off - but we can always get back into the groove.

    Sometimes you just need to do some reading, or commenting, and then the words will start to flow. Priming the pump, so to speak.

    If you had a friend going through this dry spell - what would you say to her? Okay, now say it to YOU. :-)

  6. No matter how difficult it seems, sometimes we have to just let go and wait until the muse inspires us again. Use this time to recharge and refresh. Time off can be a good thing.

  7. I completely understand. For a long time, I wrote every day. Lately, not so much. I think I'm just tired and needing a break from writing. It has begun to feel like homework for me and I always hated homework!

    Great blog!

  8. Oh Lord, Langley! I feel your pain. I've been "putting off" writing for no good reason. I have a mountain of fun ideas and for some reason, right now, I'm just unwilling to strap on my gear and climb it. Here's hoping whatever spark we both carry inside is lit again real soon!

  9. Pooie on ayone who says you must write everday. For crying out loud! Work, family, and health issues get in the way. I figure if I get three good days in on writing that's good for me for now. There's also blogging, blog reading, editing others stuff... Did I mention, I have to sleep, too.

    So I hope you don't beat yourself up over it. I'm not. Writing should be a pleasure not a stress maker.

  10. I'm the exact same way. The words either rush from my fingers to the screen or the screen just stays blank with that damn cursor blinking at me.

  11. I write almost non-stop. Even when I'm not putting words on paper, I'm often writing stories in my head. Little bits of stories, anyway, about the lady in line at the grocery store (Six dozen eggs, a frozen Cornish hen, butter, and a huge bag of shredded cheese? Is she low-carbing it? Just a really big egg lover? Maybe she's planning to celebrate Easter in October and will be coloring eggs at midnight tonight. Hmmm...), the owners of that ratty-ass dog that seems to run loose as often as he's in his yard, or the old guy who sits in the coffee shop staring at his hands. What are their stories? It never ends.

    Of course, I'm probably just nuts. ;O)

  12. all i can say...its JUBILATION reading your thoughts again!!!! ahhh YOU are BALANCE yup you are pure balance..this is what its all about tic toc tic toc perfect rhythm and what's comical to me is you don't see it..but thats ok..keeps you humble ((hubs))

  13. seeeee you get bubs not hugs from me LOLOL

  14. and those are JUBILANT hubs by the way (r u smiling yet?)

  15. LOL i don't have my glasses on... bubs/hubs...hugs...balance...LOL its all the same

  16. go out, touch,listen, smell, taste, have 5 senses that are pathways to your soul.

    touch something tenderly,listen to something inspiring,smell something fragrant, taste something from your past, see Natures splendor

    Words will come, they will rise as if being forced from the center of the earth...

    keep plenty of paper on hand and we'll see you down the road! Peace & Blessings Marc :)

  17. For me, the best way to get out of a writing slump is to go to a writers' conference or retreat. Good luck.



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