Friday, July 1, 2011

OO Words for Scrabble and Words With Friends Players

Pondering a post with oomph while sipping a mug of oolong tea…

Hmmm, what should I blog about today? Seems I'm oozing oodles of oo-words so I'll go with that. I'll write about one of my favorite games: Scrabble.

As kids, we played a lot of board games. I'm dating myself (not literally) but there were no video games at that time. Scrabble was our go-to game, that and Battleship. My parents instilled a love of words in us at an early age--my mom still rocks the NY Times crossword puzzle in pen!

Some common words that start with oo include: oodles, oomph, ooze, oops, ooh but none of those give high Scrabble scores. As I compile this list, I'm smiling at the fact that oozily is a real word. I'm glad that wazoo and ballyhoo are real words. Also interesting: jackaroo and buckaroo can be spelled with an a or an e. Who knew? See how fun words can be. I digress...

So for those of you who play old-fashioned Scrabble, 3D Scrabble or Scrabble online, here is a list of high scoring words that begin or end in 2 O’s.

Word                        Letters                 Points

oophorectomy                   12                          24
oophorectomies                 14                          23
oozinesses                          10                          19
oophytic                             8                            18
oozily                                 6                            18
oompahing                         9                            17
ooziness                             8                            17
oomiacks                            8                            16
oompahed                          8                            16
oophytes                             8                            16
ooziest                                7                            16
oozing                                6                            16
oozy                                   4                            16

jackaroo                             8                            21
jackeroo                             8                            21
didjeridoo                          10                          20
switcheroo                         10                          18
cockapoo                           8                            18
kazoo                                 5                            18
wazoo                                5                            17
ballyhoo                             8                            16
bazoo                                 5                            16
buckaroo                            8                            16
buckeroo                            8                            16
cockatoo                            8                            16
kerchoo                              7                            16
peekaboo                           8                            16
peekapoo                           8                            16

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Play on!



  1. I've got no one to play with. Sweetman prefers TV.

  2. A very fun post! My grandson likes to make up words when we are playing scrabble! Now, I am armed with oo words! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful 00 words. I need now two word scrabble cheats. Can you help me?


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